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special momentsSpecial Moments.  Weeks ago I went to Minneapolis for my brother’s wedding. The night before the wedding my brother had out-of-town guests to his new home and it turned out to be over 100 people. Therefore, getting any quality time with my brother was understandably dismissed.  But as my daughter recently reminded me, there was enough time for one special moment in the evening that defined the entire weekend of events for me and my daughter.

To set it up, my brother built a sound proof smoking room within his master bedroom where he keeps his guitars and media system.  Besides having a special sound system and air-suction units that pull any cigar smoke or other odors out of the room, this little space is entirely insulated…you can’t hear anything outside the room and nobody can hear you.

Since my daughter is learning to play the guitar, my brother sneaked away from the chaos of the party and pulled us into the room for about 7-minutes. We went into the room, locked the door, closed the shades, and my brother sang a song while playing his guitar for my daughter.  I wish I could’ve captured the look in her eyes…memorized by the moment and dreaming of her own talent some day.  There were many wonderful moments that weekend, but that one…………

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