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I used to be in several fantasy football leagues but over the last few years I opted out…it was just taking too much time and I hated the scoring systems. Now I play a couple of simple betting leagues with a bunch of friends instead.

  1. The first league I simply choose the winning teams each week. If I choose more winners than anyone else, I win the pot and if there’s a tie, the one who chooses the closest final score on Monday Night Football wins.  Last week I was the winner thank you very much.
  2. The other league is called 33 and it’s pure luck. I play with all my Minneapolis buddies I grew up with.  Everyone gets a team randomly assigned for the year.  If my team on any given week scores exactly 33 points, I win the pot.  If no team scores exactly 33 points, then the pot gets added to the following week, and since 33 is rarely scored number, that pot builds up fast. So far this year, no team has scored exactly 33 points.  I have two teams…the 49ers and the Raiders.

Always Ask Merchant’s If They Have Real Estate

  • Make larger commissions with larger loan amounts – our average loan amount is $500,000.
  • Monetize MCA declines – with real estate we are very creative to make loans. 
  • Pay off existing stack of MCAs to lower Merchant’s payments and make more room for future financing.
  • Make 2 loans with 2 commissions – get your Merchant an MCA loan and at the same time apply for a larger loan with WBL.

Resource Links, Process & Loan Intake Instructions

Appointment Link – Get On Phil’s Calendar.

White Label Marketing Flyers Using Your Logo & Contact Information.

Flyer For Independent Sales Organization – ISO — Phil Grossfield

To Qualify For A Business Loan.  (1) Equity in Real Estate – we’ll utilize virtually any type and combination of real estate in any condition, and (2) Revenues – sufficient to support/afford the loan payments.  If they have these two, we can overcome just about any hurdle…

What Real Estate Will Be Acceptable As Collateral?

Process To Get Started.  Email the loan opportunity to me and I will provide guidance…see below. At the same time, I will send it to our Intake Department to get their feedback on the real estate collateral, affordability, and any other considerations. On the same day or next, you and I will discuss and decide what to Offer your Merchant Borrower. If accepted, then we’ll send them an authorization form and formally submit the loan.

Email the Loan Opportunity To Me.  Send me (1) an Application with all the Merchant/Borrower’s information including their mobile number and email address, (2) a full description of the real estate (use this Excel if necessary REO Schedule), and (3) a minimum 3-months business bank statements (6 months is better if you have it).

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