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It’s A Stress-Free Job In The Mortgage Industry

gumpI Am Gump.  I stood up, paused, and took off.  I ran for about 30 minutes and then decided since I’d run that far I might as well run some more.  So, I ran another 30 minutes up the hill to the mountain and since I’d gone that far I decided to head towards the park.  Then, rather than run across the country I decided to run home…that’s enough.

Call it stress, anxiety…I don’t care.  There’s a lot going on with my travels back home last week to visit family …my elderly parents …my brother’s wedding …and the anticipation of Hanukkah and Christmas since we celebrate both in my house.  Running knocks it out of me – gives me perspective – fresh air – my saving grace.  My only other saving grace is the mortgage industry – it’s a stress-free job.

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