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Where Were The Blanking Gadgets?!

jamesbondWhere were the blanking gadgets?! Skyfall, the James Bond movie, found its way onto my iPad and I watched it last night with headphones. In general I liked it but I have to criticize it too. Why you ask? Because that’s what I do…you got a problem with that? Anyway, my gripe is there were virtually no gadgets, you know, like the exploding pen, or the coin-sized lazer. There was even a traditional scene when 007 gets his gadgets from Q…but this time all he gets is a gun and an unimpressive location signal. That sucks! The gadgets are the best part! It’s like the producers got lazy and decided it was too much trouble to come up with innovative fun stuff. Maybe they figured that all the gadgets have already been invented. Well I say crapper to that. Hell, they could of made an iPad that turns into a head-splitting frisbee…anything, right? That’s all I have to say about that.

My Market Watch: Pricing is the same as yesterday despite friendly bond numbers this morning. Today the Fed will be in the news, always a big potential market mover and remember that Friday is the big Jobs Report.

My Schedule: I’m available all day. Please note, I rarely answer my phone before 10:30a as I use this time to catch up on the previous day’s business and prepare the remainder of the day….

fergusonsWalk With Me For A Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Our family is walking again this year to find a cure for CF, a life-limiting illness. We walk for our friends pictured, Ashton (age 11) and Lola (age 7). The average life expectancy of someone with CF is 37…let’s change that! Click here to donate or join me and walk with my family on May 19th…email me for details. Every penny helps find a cure. THANKS!

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