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Why I Chose Ethos Lending

Why I Chose Ethos Lending.  ethos logo verticalHaving met with several of the executive management, including the President and CEO, and after discussing with other AEs I worked with in the past at Interbank, I not only feel like this model has legs, I also feel like it’s a good fit for me.  I’m a high volume rep…I like to be busy and close a ton of loans.  Although I know I will have to help out on specific loan files when necessary, I’m not really interested in getting involved with every single transaction.  I want to be with a lender that sees most of its transactions flow without impediments.  Ethos has the right set-up and technology…its all about the execution…and as of late they are executing brilliantly.

Ethos has been around for more than a year and has reached milestones in volume and an improved customer experience.  It has survived the growing pains of a first year start-up and has improved its operational flow dramatically with the help of truly impressive technology and input from respected AEs.  According to some of my brokers and the AEs that have gone through its growth, the flow has improved dramatically even in the last couple of months.  From what I’m told, once you understand the portal, your loans will flow smoothly, and if not, then that’s where I come into play.  On top of that, the price is consistently hyper-aggressive and they have no intentions of changing that strategy.  For all these reasons, I decided to represent Ethos.  Come join me and let’s give your borrower’s a great rate and your referral sources a great reason to come back.  Call or email me for more information on joining.

Ethos focuses on Fannie, Freddie, Jumbo, and has recently introduced Interest Only.  There are no government loans.  The strategy is simplicity, transparency, efficiency, and hyper-aggressive price.  I like this summary on the website, entitled “About Us.”

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