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My Chest Exploded!

Leo3My Chest Exploded!   He went 3 for 4, had 2 RBIs, scored 3 runs, made some good stops in the field and was awarded the game ball by his coach.  I could work out every day doing bench presses and push-ups and my chest would never get larger than it was at my son’s baseball game Friday night.

To put this into context, my son is 7 years old and the week prior was his first baseball game he ever played…he could barely swing the bat or keep the glove on his hand.  I was so damned nervous and felt so bad for him I wanted to implode (I know that’s a dirty word in the finance industry but it accurately describes the situation).  So, I took him to the park a couple of times and we practiced hitting, throwing and catching. My father-in-law also worked with him and then at practice his coach worked with him too.  Then, before his game Friday night I took him to the park early so we could practice.  I pitched to him from the mound and I think that’s when it clicked for him…he got a sense of how it was going to be when he got to the plate…and then WHAM!  He went nuts!  MY CHEST EXPLODED!

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One response to “My Chest Exploded!

  1. Bernie September 22, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    I have the unique honor and privilege to be the Mom of 3 superb athletes. My 2 sons play for the US Men’s Beach Soccer Team. My daughter played college Lacrosse and was invited to play in Japan with the US Lacrosse Team. I have seen them at their best and have games where they looked like they had never touched a ball in their lives. It is called being human. Latest moment of a super high was last year. My oldest son became the first American soccer player to score a hat trick against Brazil. No other US player has accomplished this. I love that it is on you tube. Whenever I feel like I cannot accomplish something, I just watch that and realize YES I CAN!

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