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Scorpions! TRID!

scorpionScorpions!   I became aware there was a scorpion in my son’s room when my wife SCREAMED at the top of her lungs.  The blood-curdling scream was so intense I almost bypassed using the door to break through the wall.  It was crawling on her leg…thank goodness she didn’t swat at it or she would have been stung for sure.  Yep, I live near the mountains in scorpion land and yep, we’ve had our fair share of scorpions in and around our house.  They’re nasty little creatures that hurt worse than a bee sting and can actually mess you up if the right one gets you.

tridTRID can also mess you up if you don’t know what to do.  And from what I understand many lenders are taking many different approaches to handling the change…surprising eh?  But in my opinion, Ethos’ process for TRID is the easiest and best method for you, the Broker.

Sign up for our training which are held every Tuesday and Thursdays at 11:00a PST.  Email me and I’ll send you the Webinar information and a 1-page summary document, or, call me at (619) 549-9797 so we can discuss.

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