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New Job, Jury Duty, Economic News

My Schedule…and a little extra: Well, I’m settled in at my new job. I left a bank selling all portfolio products and came back to a Fannie lending institution…this industry certainly has me accustomed to change. I am getting more familiar with InterBank guidelines and operational quirks and will do my best to advise accordingly. | I had jury duty this morning. They provide a call-in number to see if attendance is required. However, when I called the number I misunderstood the message and so, like a ding-dong, I drove downtown, parked for $10, and of course my attendance was indeed not required. Nice eh? In economic news: there was a lot of activity yesterday…Jobless Claims decreased, the 30-yr bond auction went well, but traders felt bully on stocks and as a result, rates worsened slightly. This morning Chairman Bernanke speaks at the Homebuilders Show…every time he speaks it’s scary because rates could move. However, nothing has made rates move much in the last 4 months or so. My Schedule: I’m behind the computer all day…I’ll probably duck out a little early for Happy Hour with the neighbors…let me know if you have any questions….

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