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Strangely Patriotic; Syria Postponed

flagStrangely Patriotic; Syria Postponed. I was the first one to the office which was typical. I turned on my computer and realized instantly that something was wrong. I clicked to and literally thought to myself, “is it a joke? No, oh my, oh my G-d!” Alone, I ran to another room where we had a TV and flipped the switch…slowly I backed away and instinctively found a seat…eyes and mouth wide open…. The next office dweller dashed in and said, “did you see…?” “Yes, I have it on the TV,” I interrupted. He sat down as if in slow motion…we watched in silence.

911One by one our employees walked in and slowly sat down…as the first one to see what was happening that morning on the TV, I filled them in…blow-by-blow. The first plane hit the first tower…then speculation…then the second plane hit…no more speculation. And then we all watched together as the first tower collapsed. I remember the gasp.

whitneyMy memory is vivid…and I wasn’t in Manhattan…I didn’t witness it first-hand. Most of us know someone or someone who know someone who was there, or maybe someone who died. As I explained to my children, yes, there are bad people out there and it’s impossible to even try to understand what goes through their heads. But there are more good people in the world…we must challenge heartless, baseless hatred by being brave, thoughtful, and kind…listen to your gut and act from your heart. It was a confusing time…one of anger, sadness, and strangely patriotic. Do you remember Whitney Houston’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner? Watch it, it’ll make you tear-up. Whitney Houston sings the Star Spangled Banner.

My Market Watch. Bonds Up. The 30-year Fannie Mae bond is trading higher after President Obama backed off an immediate air strike at Syria. I did not expect stocks and bonds to react to the news the way it did…and it’s left trading a bit, well, confused. I expected a delayed air strike to bode well for stocks since war usually results in market instability. But it looks like traders are even more uncertain because of the White House’s changed position. Because the strike on Syria is still basically pending, traders would rather invest in bonds where it’s safer. Here was what I wrote yesterday: No Syria Strike?

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One response to “Strangely Patriotic; Syria Postponed

  1. Bernie Dillon September 12, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    I am not much for conspiracy theorists. Especially those who say George Bush actually set this whole thing up so he could bomb Iraq for their attempts on his Dad. Having written that, there has always been a nagging in my intellect. I point that was made that has made me question what actually hit the pentagon. We have all seen through the course of our years on this planet, plane crashes. The video footage shows something slamming into the side of the Pentagon. The grass right outside the pentagon was not burnt, it did not have the debris field of a plane crash, the side of the building did not have the wings sheared off on impact. nor is their evidence that the wings went through the building as they did with the twin towers. Also one of the flight attendants body was found 3 miles away on top of a building. How did that happen? Every year when I watch the video and the aftermath after the explosion at the pentagon, it looks more
    like a missile hit the pentagon than a plane. the other item that clearly shows something else hit the pentagon was the freeway. If a plane was flying that low going full blast, as low as it would have had to have been to strike the pentagon where it did, that plane would have literally flipped over cars, taken out signs that are right above the freeway. I mean if you have ever been near the airport in any town and watched them land and take off and the power of the winds they generate, there is no way possible a plane could have crossed the freeway and not created tons of damage. What I think happened based on the evidence of the day and all the videos, The President gave an order that any planes refusing to land be shot down. The terrorist hijackers refused to land the plane because they did not know how. They were taught to fly and crash. We shot two missiles. One hit the target, the other one hit the pentagon. That is how the flight attendant got blown out of the aircraft and landed on the building. I cannot think of a better explanation since the video of the pentagon green grass right outside the impact site looks like nothing ever happened to it as the Pentagon is burning out of control….Sounds crazy I know, but when I see the footage of the Pentagon that is what it looks like to me..

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