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Ego-less Bravery – Angelina

angelinajolieAngelina – Love It!  It shouldn’t be that amazing…but it is…and I love you for it. I’ve had time to reflect on the decision Angelina Jolie made to have a double mastectomy. In fact, I started writing this post months ago…but never got around to posting it. I do that sometimes…I’ll start writing something and then wait for the right time to stick it in here. But let’s get back to the point, shall we?

As you know, I recently lost a close friend to Cancer. She had a double mastectomy too and it prolonged her life for years before the cancer got into her brain. You can read my last post about it here – O Captain My Captain. So, you can imagine I, like so many of you, have an opinion about such things.

angelinajolie2Here’s what I have to say about breasts…if they can kill you…get rid of them. Who really cares anyway?  Public opinion about beauty is completely messed-up. We teach our kids through advertising that they should look a certain way which is absolutely redonculous (yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose). And then there are the warriors of this imagery such as Angelina Jolie. She is arguably one of the most attractive women in Hollywood…ever. And she chose her health first, for herself and for her family. I love it. What a fantastic message it sends to women and girls. Beauty is internal and mental…it has nothing to do with our outward appearance. What bravery…ego-less bravery. I saw a quote by Joan Rivers…I like it because it comes from a woman that has had more surgery than Elvis ate bacon. She said, “For all these women that are going through this and going, ‘Oh my God, I am not a woman anymore,’ here is one of the most beautiful women in the world saying, ‘This is what I have done, and I am still Angelina Jolie.'” Damn straight Joan! And damn straight Angelina.

My Market Watch. Bonds Up. The The 30-year Fannie Mae bond is trading higher +16bps on the day and has been flat since early this morning.

Syrian Strike?  For my analysis, read Syria Strike Postponed and No Syria Strike?

QE Tapering Explained – For my explanation QE and tapering, read my QE analysis from an earlier post.  

LO Comp, Ability To Repay Qualified Mortgages. Here is Fannie’s announcement about ATR – Ability To Repay, QM – Qualified Mortgages, and the new compensation rules:  Fannie Guide Announcement.  And here is a video by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – CFPB explaining Qualified Mortgages and Ability To Repay guidelines :

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