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Take 2 – You MUST Accept

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  |1|  Take 2 – YOU MUST ACCEPT IT.  Yesterday my post was a plea for acceptance that Obama was reelected and more importantly that all political leaders and citizens work together.  I used the analogy that a coach needs all the players on the team working towards the same goal in order to be successful…anything less results in missing the playoffs.  I received a fair amount of commentary…some fantastic…but some rather spicy…some rather hateful.  Look, you’re not getting the point of yesterday’s post…you have to put your hatred aside…you have to tone down the recipe so it’s not so spicy.  You must!  Whether you and I like it or not, Obama is the President of United States for the next four years.  He has an agenda…we elected him to play out the agenda…WE THE PEOPLE elected him.  Stop crying that Romney lost the election…its wasted energy.  Instead, focus on the future…a certain future that is dark and cold and abysmal without cooperation and collective effort.  Some are already planning for the 2016 election…they can’t wait for another crack at it…but that does us absolutely no good today…now.  Direct your energy for the greater good…now!  That’s all I have to say about that.  |2|  I’m growing a moustache for cancer research.  Again, I’m not doing it to feel more manly…that would not be possible. Click here to donate…I’ll take anything…$5…anything!

My Market Watch:  Pricing is unchanged from yesterday.  There’s a big auction today AND IF IT DOES WELL BONDS COULD SPARK UP AND RATES/PRICING COULD GET BETTER.  Of course, the opposite holds true for a poor showing…but based on what I’m reading I’ll bet on a good auction…I think we may see an improvement later….  On a different note, the Housing Survey for 2011 was released.  Per Rob Chrisman’s email, home should continue to rise for the next 5 years at about 3-4% increase.  If so, housing prices would be back to 2006 levels in year 2021.  Hmmm.  You can check out the information here:  American Housing Survey (AHS)My Disclaimer

My Job Opportunities: |1| Interbank is looking for Senior Underwriters working remotely from home.  There are 15 positions available!  |2| One of my brokers in Laguna Nigel is searching for a Processing Manager…  Please email me if you know anyone looking for an opportunity.

My Schedule: I’m working from home this morning and out and about this afternoon but available pretty much all day….

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