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Bait And Switch

philshockBait And Switch.  Have you ever loved a song but never really knew the words? I suppose there are a lot of songs like that…the beat and tune are catchy and fun. But then when you learn the lyrics it’s a shock, you know what I’m typing about?

  1. Example 1 – Blow My Whistle Baby by Flo Rida. I loved this song at first but the minute my daughter started singing it my wife and I wanted to vomit all over the place. Yeah, it was banned from our world. Aiiiyaayaiiayyaiayaa!  I’m not even going to put any of the lyrics here for this one…I think you already know what the song is about. Click here to see the lyrics and here the song.
  1. Example 2 – Pump up Kicks by Foster The People. This is a catchy song my daughter was singing…I liked it too until I discovered the lyrics were about a kid finding his Dad’s gun…here is one lyric:  All the other kids with your pumped up kicks, You’d better run, better run, faster than my bullet…  Uh, no thanks!  Click here to see the rest of the lyrics and hear the song.

Example 3 – E.I. by Nelly.  I’ve had this song on my workout playlist…it’s been on there for years. I still have no idea what the song is about and I even looked up the lyrics. There’s certainly some foul language and maybe some sexual references but as long as I don’t know anything more I’m keeping it on my workout playlist…ignorance is bliss, no? Click here to hear the song.

Got any other good examples you could share?

Bonds Down -20bps – Auction TodayThe 30-year Fannie Mae Bond is trading lower -20bps and has been falling all morning. If it continues to fall we’ll see a mid-day reprice for the worse by most lenders. There was a 10-year note auction and it didn’t go well. There’s nothing else going on today.

Appraisal Process Changed – 12/11/2013.  You order your appraisal through our portal and it will come from one of our approved AMCs, not necessarily Streetlinks. You will automatically receive notifications regarding the status of the appraisal. It is now extremely important you provide your email address with every order to receive notifications (by clicking on the “Attach Notifications” button and selecting the notifications you wish to receive). Without doing so, you will NOT be notified (we are working on automating this process.)  TILA holds: the appraisal order will remain on hold until the borrower opens and acknowledges receipt of the emailed disclosures. The borrower has 2 days to acknowledge receipt of the email. If not then the disclosures will be snail-mailed to the borrower via USPS and an additional 3 days is added to the hold. Therefore, unless the email to the borrower is acknowledged within 2 days, the total hold on the appraisal with be 5 days excluding Sunday. Email me for more informationTapering

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