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You MUST Accept The Outcome; Bond Market Surges

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  |1|  It’s an eight year term, not 4-years.  The intent of this term is to give the President eight years to get the job done and get/keep America on track.  The reason we have a mid-term election is to provide an opportunity to remove the President only if things are going horribly.  Although many argued this was the case, the President made a compelling-enough argument to be reelected.  Whatever your political affiliation is, and whatever you felt was the better course for the next four years, you now must accept the outcome.  I pray our political leaders understand this.  They must work together within the President’s plan.  With great emphasis, it would be counter-productive to block the President’s focus.  Let me put it this way, if half a football team does not believe in the coach, can the team be successful?  However, if they give the coach a chance to succeed, then it’s very possible things might come together.  It’s only halfway through the season…the goal is to make the playoffs and win it all.  One things is certain, if half the team works against the coach, everyone will fail, right?  So, let’s do our best to work together and give the game plan a chance to work.  Don’t work against the President simply because your guy didn’t win.  We had a fair election…an election driven on real political issues…an election free from fraudulent accusations…an electoral process free from recounts or allegations of tampering…an election with two hyper-intelligent , thoughtful and passionate men.  The system worked…now let’s make the very best of it.  Your thoughts?  |2|  I’m growing a moustache for cancer research.  Again, I’m not doing it to feel more manly…that would not be possible.  Click here to donate…I’ll take anything…$5…anything!

My Market Watch:  Bonds love President Obama.  Why?  Because it’s a good indication the government will continue to buy bonds.  Or, you could conclude traders believe Obama being reelected is not a good economic indicator…in this case traders would pull money out of the stock market and put it elsewhere, like Bonds.  Hello!  It’s my opinion gains will be taken by investors early.  That is, with the pricing so improved, traders will sell them off sooner than later…we might even see a sell-off this afternoon.  Take what you can…give nothing back!  My Disclaimer

My Job Opportunities:  |1| Interbank is looking for Senior Underwriters working remotely from home.  There are 15 positions available!  |2| One of my brokers in Laguna Nigel is searching for a Processing Manager…  Please email me if you know anyone looking for an opportunity.

My Schedule: I’m working from home early this morning and out and about this afternoon but available pretty much all day….

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