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Speak and Ye Shall Be Heard

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|3| Speak and Ye Shall Be Heard. As I mentioned yesterday I received many comments about my posts, You Must Accept and Take 2 – You Must Accept, where I insisted we must work together as a nation. I didn’t list them all but here are a couple snippets for your reading enjoyment…the first is my favorite:

From Abbey, a Los Angeles Broker: I like your comments about the election – totally agree!

From Don, a San Diego Broker: “The problem is that Obama and his cohorts don’t know the meaning of the word “compromise.” We don’t have to accept Obama, just tolerate him for 4 long years.”

From Ben, a San Diego Broker: “I thought long and hard about responding to your email yesterday but decided, like you’re emphasizing below, to accept the outcome and focus on what I can control. But after your Take 2 email, I feel I need to respond and point out that you’re missing a rather important fact and you need to understand this fact since you feel it’s your place to tell people how to react to the election. Fighting for our beliefs and principles is not wasted energy, it’s what shaped the founding of this great nation. Lying down and not challenging our leaders’ agendas is against everything this nation was founded on. Yes, we need to accept the outcome of the election but it doesn’t mean we give up on holding our elected officials accountable to hear and act on the voice of the people. Your football analogy has holes all over the place. A team is not made up of just a coach and players. A true team (nation) is made up the coach (president), his assistant coaches and coordinators (elected officials), and the players (citizens). If the coach decides he wants to just run the ball on every play, no passing at all, and he does this against the advice of many of his assistant coaches/coordinators/players and under this strategy CONTINUES TO LOSE GAMES OVER AND OVER AGAIN (failing economy, skyrocketing deficit, weakening nation) eventually the assistant coaches/coordinators/citizens are going to push back and challenge the coaches strategies. [Obama] has not been a very good coach and his record shows that. A true leader unites instead of divides the team. A true leader recognizes the importance of listening to his WHOLE team instead of focusing solely on his agenda. A true leader recognizes the gifts and merits of ALL his coaches/coordinators/players and does his best to utilize and maximize them for the good of the team. You’re right, we need to cooperate and have a collective effort if we are to win. Our President’s actions will continue to be challenged until he learns to cooperate and compromise instead of blame and complain. America will continue to be the best nation on earth ONLY IF we direct our energy at making our voices heard to our elected officials so they can implement the will of the people. Government is created by the people and for the people. We do not lie down and let the Government tell us how it’s going to be. We speak up and challenge them so they know they are accountable to every citizen, not just to those who voted them into office. Yes, negative energy won’t help. But there are two sides to every coin and [that] side of the aisle needs to understand that their actions impact the nation’s reactions. [Obama] needs to work better and harder at unifying the team and we will continue to fight until he adapts the true role of a leader/coach. Recognize that accountability.”

From Fran, an Irvine Broker: You hit it on the head Phil! Even though I voted for Romney, we have to unite. If Romney had won, he would be calling for unity just like Obama is now. We have to work together to win. I remember when Bush won the second term and my democratic friends were bitching and complaining – it’s the same thing now. I like your words – please keep them coming!

From Bernie, a San Diego Broker: I liked your second email…we do need to work together. We need every day to be July 4th as the sun has set and we all sit and watch the fireworks together as Americans united under a brilliant sky. – ok a bit cliché but somehow we need to get there….but maybe this rose-colored world I just painted is a stepping point….

From Mike, a Huntington Beach Broker: My thought is my children and the HUGE sacrifices and potential hardships they are going to have to endure. That’s what people don’t understand because people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds and always thinking about them and what’s good for them right now. Hell, Obama is and has been great for my business minus Dodd-Frank if you look back 4 years BUT that isn’t the point-it’s about the future. My kids will be saddled with a lower and impoverished living standards and higher taxes for years to come. Look across the pond-it’s happening right now.

From Abbey, a Los Angeles Broker: You are totally correct about Obama. I should have taken the WHOLE day off to vent and repair but at least ½ helped a lot. The main issue I have with Obama is that he is one of the most un empathetic, narcissistic, arrogant and divisive presidents ever. He is proof that this country is failing. The fact that he was elected again it proof that we are nearing the end of our democracy. Just like the end of Rome when there were carnivals for all we are nearing the same. The non-producers out there get free phones, food, welfare, healthcare and more. Illegal [immigrants] get drivers’ licenses and financed education as well as very little resistance to coming here. Our system will not last long in this environment, take a look at the deficit. Worse is that elections going forward will be the same…. More liberals will take power. Now with that said… yes let’s just crank out our part in this world and make the US work.. moving on with him. First loan with you was great by the way!

My Market Watch: Rates/pricing is the same as yesterday after the price improvement…this is a very good thing. I anticipated that traders would have sold off to realize gains. But apparently that is either not the case or they feel there is still upside ahead. I AM NOT SO OPTIMISTIC. IF IT WERE ME, I’D TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. If you are considering locking…you might want to pull the trigger. My Disclaimer

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