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EU Approves Cypress Bailout; Happy Passover

tencomThe Passover story is terrifying.  On Passover the Jews have a Seder where everyone gathers around a dinner table to discuss and remember their escape from Egyptian slavery.  We remember how Moses, after being approached by G-d in the form of a burning bush, led his people to freedom with G-d’s help. This assistance consisted of 10 plagues, the last being the slaughter of Egyptian first born sons, which was only fair since the Pharaoh had previously attempted to kill all the Jew’s first born sons to control the Jewish population. Lovely times eh?  To avoid G-d’s wrath you had to smear goat blood on your door…then G-d would pass over your home and no harm would come to your son.  Moses told Pharaoh, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” and Pharaoh finally relented. Then Moses told all the enslaved Jews to pack it up fast…he didn’t want to waste a minute so they didn’t even let their bread dough rise…they just took it flat (enter the Matzo portion of the story), and he led the Jews out of Egypt and across the split sea to freedom. Of course, over the years the story has likely been slightly exaggerated, but the point is to remember the story of freedom from oppression and the story as told definitely makes it memorable.  But as a kid, it scared the crap out of meThe Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston had me sleeping under my sister’s bed for a week when I was little.  Man, the power of G-d scared me to no end…I remember the feeling of watching it and then being sent to bed…ALONE?!  No way man!  In fact, it still kind of creeps me out.  Tonight we go to my best friend’s house for Seder…I’m going to make sure my kids don’t watch The Ten Commandments.  |||  My cheesecake came out nice, but I haven’t tasted it yet…I’ll let you know if it was a success tomorrow….

My Market Watch:  Pricing is the same as Friday after the reprice.  I’m relieved since I thought for sure pricing would come out much worse after the EU approved a Cypress bailout.  As expected the U.S. stock market enjoyed the news early this morning as bonds took a hit, but then things quickly reversed.  Fed chairman Ben Bernanke speaks this morning and this could move things significantly depending on what he wears, what he says, and what he is reluctant to say….   My Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Today I am done early for the holiday and will be difficult to reach after 3:30p.

My Fun Stuff:   You gotta laugh!  I watch this almost every day ||| All My Fun Stuff

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