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Facebook Pressure

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:    |1| Facebook Pressure.  Despite not being a Facebook enthusiast, I have to say I loved the birthday wishes.  For my birthday I got over 150 messages and, well, it made me feel good.  After receiving so much love on my birthday, I now feel pressure to return the favor.  So, I have been logging on almost every day since my birthday to wish others a happy birthday too…I’m a big believer in returning the love, can you feel me?  And it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do…just log on…go to the birthday section…wish people a happy birthday on their wall…and get out, right?  But I have to say, it’s kind of a pain in the rear.  And then I get sucked in to looking at all the things posted, or, looking at the pictures page of an someone from high school I consider barely an acquaintance.  I need to figure out a system or a develop a habit before bed or something so I can dedicate a minimal amount of time to Facebook.  Or, I could just start ignoring it again.  Let me ponder that question….   |2| Vikings.  Speaking of Ponder, did you see my Vikings yesterday…IMPRESSIVE!

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