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Is There Anyone Left to Refinance?

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  Is there anyone left to refinance?  Read my Market Watch below.  By the way, are you aware our Lender Fee is only $699 all in?  That includes flood, wire, etc.

My Market Watch:  Rates/Prices got better today.  Once again rates and prices are as low as they can go…there is not much further in my opinion.  But is there anyone left to refinance?  Apparently the answer to that questions is a resounding YES!  Two-thirds Americans pay 5% or Higher – L.A. Times.  What’s the moral of this story?  If you can’t get a commitment from your borrower to lock at this point, put your time elsewhere.  If you haven’t refinanced every single person you know on the planet, then call them, email them, text message them, Facebook them, LinkedIn them, go their house, their office, their favorite watering hole…do what you have to do and take advantage of this time!  The   My Disclaimer

My Fun Stuff:  Check out the product reviews, they are compelling…Compelling reviews of t-shirt.

My Schedule: Working from home early this morning and out this afternoon.  Phone calls this morning will be returned after 10a…if it’s urgent, text me at (619) 549-9797.  |  I am making appointments to visit brokers/bankers for October…if you would like me to visit you, please email me the days and times you prefer.

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