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Cheese Thievery

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   |1| Cheese Thievery.  I hate the Green Bay Packers…I grew up hating them.  I was born in Minnesota and spent the first 17 years of my life painfully cheering for the Vikings and growing a pure hateful despise for the green and gold (tongue and cheek please).  The only team I dislike more would be the Chicago Bears, but that is for another post on another day.  So you can imagine how difficult last night’s game was for me.  I am now actually feeling sorry for the Packers.  What’s going on in this world?  Has Captain Kirk and Spock entered into our parallel universe and changed the fabric of society?  Did Spock do a mind-meld on the officials before the game?  How in the world is that a touchdown for the Seahawks and how is that not a penalty for pushing off?  I have never seen such blown calls in all my sporting days.  More importantly, I am disgusted with myself that I am siding with the cheeseheads.  And then, after the Packers understandably ran to the locker room, they have the gall to come back on the field and in the most classy way you can imagine finish the game despite being completely jacked.  How dare they show class!  What’s going on?!  Who am I?!   |2| Anti-Steering Form.  I don’t think it’s any secret that a certain large lending institution that buys most of the mortgage loans is driving the need for a specific Anti-Steering form to be used.  Ours is changing again, but if you follow my instructions and use my links, you should have the most current form.  You can always find an acceptable form on the Forms Page  in the RESPA section.   |3| Changing Your 4th Quarter Broker Comp.  Broker Comp for 4Q may be modified at this time…the window closes on 10/1…email me for information.

My Market Watch:  Rates/Prices are the same as Friday.    My Disclaimer

My Schedule: I will be working from home this morning and out this afternoon.  Phone calls this morning will be returned after 10a…if it’s urgent, text me at (619) 549-9797.  |  I am making appointments to visit brokers/bankers for October…if you would like me to visit you, please email me the days and times you prefer.

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