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Dog-hair here, dog-hair there, dog-hair everywhere.  My dog had entirely too much…so I took her to Petco and told them to shave it all off.  They suggested some kind of special hair-removal shampoo…I’m sure it had tons of chemicals but at that point I didn’t care.  When I went to pick her up she looked like someone else’s dog…I couldn’t believe my eyes…she looks 15 pounds lighter.  I wish I had that much hair…I wouldn’t mind losing 15 pounds from a haircut.  Speaking of haircuts, I had a TERROR at the Barbershop last July and ever since struggled to find someone who could cut my full head without driving me crazy for 30-45 imprisoned minutes and without making look like a complete ding-dong (challenging I know).  I went through a half-dozen or so hair stylists and finally found someone I liked.  Not only was she a pleasure to share 30-45 imprisoned minutes with, but she also left me looking like the good Lord intended…like a stud (yes, I know….).  So impressed with her skills my wife decided to take the kids to her as well (but not to make them look like studs).  It was harmonious, UNTIL I found out the other day she quit the salon…I have no idea how to find her now.  I’m lost once again…my stud-looking days are now on hold….


My Market Watch:

Chase just announced layoffs in the mortgage divisions…expect about 15,000 cuts.  I’m writing this post early this morning because I have a conference call and therefore there is little economic news reporting thus far.  Even so it looks to be a relatively flat day.  On Thursday is the Initial Jobless Claims report and on Friday is Non-farm Payrolls and the Unemployment Rate reports.  My Disclaimer

My Schedule:

I have a conference call this morning at 9a and will be available after 11a.

My Fun Stuff:

Willy Wonka Oompa Loompa Songs 1971  —  You gotta laugh!  I watch this almost every day  —  All My Fun Stuff
My Important Reminders: 

  • APPOINTMENTS.  I am setting up appointments for the next several weeks…please let me know if you’re interested in an office visit.  I will be sharing my insight on how to get new business in 2013 and what to prepare for as the year progresses….
  • STILL WANTED.  We are looking for Senior Underwriters, Loan Coordinators, Junior UWs, Doc Specialists and Funders. Referrals are greatly appreciated.  Remote positions are available.

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