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“Grave Concern” Bernanke Speaks; Disneyland; TravelMamas Book!

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I watched some of the festivities as Mitt Romney officially accepted the republican presidential nomination.  He is a very accomplished speaker…I thought he did a pretty good job.  And it doesn’t hurt that the guy is very good looking, as my wife pointed out.  What I find interesting is that the scheduled date of the convention…was it a coincidence that Romney’s speech was delivered the night before the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced the economy is a “grave concern?”  Hmmm.  ||  I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow morning early and I’ll be returning Monday…I hear the crowds will be light, the lines short, the heat very mild, and the cost minimal.  |||  My wife, better known as the Travel Mama is launching her book in November!  I would appreciate your support so please reply if you’re interested in receiving updates and discounts related to the book!

My Market Watch:  Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman, delivered his speech this morning in Jackson Hole and basically said that the economic situation was in need Fed action.  Both stocks AND bonds reacted positively to the news…this is one of those rare moments when stocks and bonds move in the same direction.  As a result, traders had reason to invest in both when usually traders sell bonds or stocks in order to free up money to invest in the other.  Bernanke said the Central Bank “will provide additional policy accommodation as needed” to spur growth.  Here is the report from Bloomberg on Bernanke’s speech.     My Disclaimer

My Schedule: Working from home this morning and then out this afternoon.  I will be unavailable after 4:00p….

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