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Darth Vader Dad

darthDarth Vader Dad.  My wife has been in Israel on assignment for a week (and in NYC before that and in Florida before that … ahhh to be married to a TravelMama.  Anyway, this is how the conversation at my single-parent home went on Saturday.

  • Hey Dad, can you make pancakes for breakfast?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, even though you are going to make pancakes, can you make French Toast too?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, can you buy me the crappy jewelry-making kit at Target that costs $20?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, since you’re buying her that, can you buy me a bunch of useless Pokemon cards that I’ll hardly ever play with?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, can we go to Five Guys for lunch and have milkshakes?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, will you play Monopoly, and chess, and checkers, and and and and with us?  Sure, no problem.
  • Hey Dad, can we go see the new Peanuts movie tonight?  Not tonight guys…we’ve spent a lot of money, I’m a bit tired, and we have to take showers tonight.
  • You suck Dad.  Yeah, I know.
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