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A Plea For Cornbread – Early Valentines Day

cornbreadA Plea For Cornbread.  I need a recipe, stat!  My brother-from-another-mother has assigned me to cornbread for his big BBQ competition next week. Yes, 2 of our friends got hot and heavy over who could make better BBQ and, well, one thing led to another AND VOILA, BBQ Cook-Off!

But what of cornbread?  My BFAM has given me this daunting and challenging task no doubt because he trusts only me to produce a buttery and crispy delight.  smileythumb2Nobody else could possibly be worthy of such a momentous challenge.  Anyone got a good cornbread recipe I can pass off as my own?

valentines2Early Valentines Day.  We had a great time…we took just one night but two days away…kid-and-animal-free.  We got to our hotel in L.A. around 4p on Monday…there was iced Champagne with chocolate strawberries waiting for us in the room.  Then we had drinks and dinner at the roof-top bar and restaurant that circles the small hotel pool.  Late the next morning we had a ridiculously good breakfast at a local joint and then went to the Getty Museum which is someplace we’ve always wanted to visit. We checked out our favorites – impressionism, sculptures and the gardens before heading home. It was a great early Valentines 2014. 

job_jobless_claimsMy Market Watch:  Bonds Up – Pricing Improved.  The Fannie Mae 30-Year Bond is a direct indicator of rates/pricing. If bonds are being bought then rates improve and if sold off rates worsen.  This morning the bond is up +36bps from yesterday’s close and as a result pricing is improved.  Today there was a report on initial jobless claims and there is a 30-year bond note auction.  Other than that it’s relatively quiet.  Today was a nice recovery from earlier in the week.  Let’s hope the bond continues to be attractive to traders….

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