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Veteran’s Day

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  War fascinates me.  When I was young I read books about war…my favorite was a series of letters written by soldiers in war…I can’t for the life of me remember the title and a Google search came up empty.  I also loved the book Fortunate Son, an autobiography about a Vietnam vet.  And then there is the mystical stories of war such as Star Wars and the 2004 science fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica just to name a couple.  My favorite books and movie combination of all time is the Lord of the Rings trilogy which is another war story about good versus evil.  But Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan both haunt me to my core…they are very real to me…they get down into my belly.  I guess I read and watch these stories because I wonder how I would act under similar circumstances.  I wonder if I would be brave…if I would throw myself on a bomb to save others…if I would be capable of taking another life in defense of my own.  I’d like to think I would be brave…I’d like to think I would be heroic.  But I’ll never know what real heroes feel…I can’t possibly begin to understand the emotional and physical sacrifice.  And so I use books and movies to try and understand the sacrifices our veterans endure(d).  I am ever so grateful and respectful of those that serve(d).  Thank you for your courage and your sacrifice.

My Market Watch:  The Bond Market is closed in honor of Veteran’s Day.  But stocks are trading in a positive direction…it’s not out of the question for our Capital Markets department to pull some gains away.  Keep an eye on things and if you feel the stock market is moving higher, don’t be surprised to see a mid-day rate/price change for the worse.   My Disclaimer

My Job Opportunities: |1| Interbank is looking for Senior Underwriters working remotely from home.  There are 15 positions available!  |2| One of my brokers in Laguna Nigel is searching for a Processing Manager…  Please email me if you know anyone looking for an opportunity.

My Schedule: I’m working from home.

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