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I Lied

Augustus GloopMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:  |1|  Nineteen Piece of Candy!” my son shouted at the top of his sick-asthma-induced lungs.  Then he counted them again.  He was feeling rather proud of himself even though we had to cut short his trick-or-treating…he was exhausted and coughing and asked to go home.  All in all, I think he was pleased until……my daughter came home with enough candy to satisfy Augustus Gloop from the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie.  She was still counting over a hundred when Leo asked me, “is that a lot more than mine Daddy?”  I lied.  |2|  Our new CIC procedure was working smoothly yesterday with some exceptions.  If you were lucky enough to fall into the exception category, please keep me in the loop so I may assist.  In this process I am also learning where the quirks are and how to get around them.  Also, I heard no complaints or issues thus far with our new online procedures for Lock Extensions, Relocks, and Float Downs.

My Job Opportunities: |1| Interbank is looking for Senior Underwriters working remotely from home.  There are 15 positions available!  |2| One of my brokers in Laguna Nigel is searching for a Processing Manager…  Please email me if you know anyone looking for an opportunity.

My Schedule: I have a doctor appointment this morning at 10:30a and otherwise available until 3p.  Then I have a conference call and will be difficult to reach thereafter….

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