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Rip the Campaign Signs from Your Neighbor’s Yard; Growing A Moustache

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  |1|  Rip the campaign signs out of your neighbors yard!  Or better yet, hang a chair from a tree!  Last week a Minnesota couple hung from their tree a chair on a noose with a bayonet stabbed through it as a political statement against the President.  Nice, eh?  Obviously racially motivated, the empty chair represented Obama in reference to Clint Eastwood’s speech during the convention – if you recall, Eastwood had an imaginary conversation with the president.  I realize these people are nuts, and most of us have a healthy relationship with the election.  But people do rip the campaign signs out of their neighbor’s yards…neighbors essentially fighting each other.  And then I focus my attention to the events of last week in New York and New Jersey where neighbors are literally sheltering each other after the hurricane.  In times of need we come together as a community and even a nation.  Is it fair to call an election a time of need?  Are we coming together?  |2|  I’m growing a moustache.  No, I’m not doing it to feel more manly…that would not be possible.  I’m doing it because my best friend and I are raising money for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.  My father had prostate cancer and that means I’ll probably get it too.  Also, I have a couple friends that survived testicular cancer.  So, I am growing a moustache for this month and asking for donations on my Movember Mo Bro page:  Throughout this month you will see me reaching out to you with updates on my moustache.  I’ll be sending out another email shortly with my Day 1 and Day 5 update…aren’t you excited?!

My Market Watch:  Last week the Jobs Report gave bonds a nice push and today bonds are holding on.  My Disclaimer

My Job Opportunities:  |1| Interbank is looking for Senior Underwriters working remotely from home.  There are 15 positions available!   |2| One of my brokers in Laguna Nigel is searching for a Processing Manager…  Please email me if you know anyone looking for an opportunity.

My Schedule: My battery on my car died this morning which has put me a little more behind than usual on a Monday morning….I need to get it replaced.  I will be available sporadically throughout the day….

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