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Steve Jobs; Commercials; Email Woes; Family

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   |1|  My son likes the commercials more.  “Daddy, this is the show we get to watch about the things we can buy!”    |2|  My email woes from being down for part of the weekend, all day Monday and most of the day Tuesday and yesterday has finally been fixed.  The Company said there was a fiber outage in the Midwest that caused havoc while they were doing maintenance upgrades on Columbus day.  Apparently I am one of the lucky ones since my data is intact.  So, that’s good…I’m grateful.  |3|  So far my trip to Minneapolis is awesome…I have focused entirely on family thus far and will see friends tonight…but I miss my wife and kids tremendously.  |4| A Tribute to Steve Jobs:  He died just over one year ago on October 5th…I can’t believe how fast a year has gone by since Steve Jobs passed on. With the release of the new iPhone 5, which I pre-ordered and still have not received, thoughts about Jobs have resurfaced. My friend said, “Jobs never would have allowed the iPhone 5 to be released with such a poor mapping software.” My brother said, “Jobs was smart the way he set up the OS…everything works similarly making apps easy to use and intuitive.” Last year on his passing, I wrote this tribute:

I have followed Steve Jobs throughout his amazing career. My first computer while I was in law school was a Mac…it weighed about 20 pounds and I carried to law school to prepare for finals. While practicing law I used a Mac and only switched to the dark (PC) side when I moved to CA. I have two iPhones, two iTouches, a bunch of iPods, an iPad, and a billion videos and songs from Apple. I have used many of Steve’s quotes during my Sales Manager days. In fact, I used a speech he made at Stanford University – the moral of that speech was ‘You’ve Got To Find What You Love.’ Steve was the definition of visionary and redefined the term innovation…I am very saddened by our loss. STEVE, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME MY BROTHER, please build an App to make it easier to communicate with Heaven…thanks for everything man, and take care….

If you’d like to read his speech from Stanford University, click here: You’ve Got To Find What You Love

My Market Watch:  Initial research this morning indicates bonds might be selling off today but it’s too early in Minneapolis to get a handle on the day. If in fact bonds sell this morning it should result in rates/prices to be a little worse than yesterday, but should be a minor difference.   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: For the remainder of the week I am in Minneapolis visiting my parents, brother, two sisters and friends. I am working every day. Today I will grab lunch with my parents…I intend to spend time with them every day. Keep in mind it is a two-hour difference from Minneapolis to southern CA….

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