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Vice Presidential Debate

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   The Vice Presidential Debate:  it was spirited to say the least.  At times I felt Biden did a good job of making Ryan look like a teenager that didn’t know what his special purpose was for.  But at times Biden looked like a grumpy old man who lectured on how he used to trudge to school in 25 feet of snow with torn up shoes and he liked it that way!  Ryan was calm, cool and remained level the whole time…this strategy served him well as he let Biden go off on his condescending lectures.  However, on this debate, I give Biden the edge…despite his condescending behavior, he ultimately came across as more knowledgeable, more passionate, and more aggressive.  I like that in my men.

My Market Watch:  Bonds are trading higher and rates/pricing this morning should be slightly better.  I don’t anticipate a big trading day.   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: For the remainder of the week I am in Minneapolis visiting my parents, brother, two sisters and friends. I am working every day. Today I will grab lunch with my parents…I intend to spend time with them every day. Keep in mind it is a two-hour difference from Minneapolis to southern CA….

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