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Unemployment, Hot Sunny Scottsdale


My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I used to be tough back when I lived in Minnesota, not a temperature wimp.  Winters with glacial temperatures and wind-chill that froze the inside of your nose in seconds…and then summers with blistering heat and humidity that would make you wish you could take your skin off.  Okay, but Scottsdale Arizona is hot.  Yeah, I know, it’s a “dry-hot” and not like being in humidity.  I don’t care, it’s still frickin hot.  I guess I’m a wimp after living in San Diego for 12 years.  Actually, now that I recall, when I lived in Minnesota I had an automatic car-starter on my car so I could get into a toasty or chilly vehicle, depending on the season.  So, full circle…I guess I am a wimp.   |   Click here to read my Cystic Fibrosis post and click here to read my wife’s post and charitable contribution request.   Mystery Lyric:  Little darling, It’s been a long cold lonely winter — Little darling, It feels like years since it’s been here — Answer.   My Market Watch:  It’s all about the unemployment report tomorrow…traders are jittery and sweaty…you can just see them sitting there biting their fingernails and picking at themselves like monkeys. If you have a loan that is rate sensitive right now, I’d be close to a computer and ready to lock should the market turn.  As I type this Watch, bonds and rates are in a good place but things could change fast and fierce.  Tomorrow is Good Friday, a short day, and as such volatility might be extreme.  With that said, based on my research traders expect the unemployment numbers to come out flat…that is, as expected.  If the numbers are slightly higher or lower, we could see a dramatic shift in bonds and if so, rates would move significantly as a result.  Higher or Lower?  Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun, would I?   My Schedule:  I am working all day and not sure if I’ll be at my in-law’s place or a Starbucks, but who cares…as long as I have an internet connection and coffee I’m solid, like the sun.

Pricing Engine (password required)     Rate Sheet for Today     InterBank Product Matrix

Our Lender Fee is only $699 “All-In”

  • There is no flood fee, tax fee, etc.
  • Appraisal Waivers accepted with $75 waiver fee
  • Appraisal Fees may be reimbursed at closing.
  • Processing Fees may be charged to the borrower on borrower-paid transactions.  For lender-paid transactions, outsourced contract processing (NMLS Licensed) is considered a 3rd-Party Fee and therefore may be covered by YSP overage/excess rebate.
  • YSP overage (excess rebate) may be used towards 3rd-Party Fees, Contract Processing (NMLS licensed), Prepaid Interest, Property Taxes, Hazard, and max $500 towards principal reduction.

Procedures Updated:

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