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Gas, Greece, Jobs, $1,000,000

My Schedule…and a little extra:  I own a Honda Odyssey which is a van-like vehicle perfect for traveling and hauling 2 kids and an 85 pound dog.  However, filling the beast up with gas these days is downright torturous. Gas near my house, which is usually reasonably priced, is $4.60/gallon…and that’s for the regular cheap gas.  It costs $80 to fill our tank.  What the….?  Part of the problem is clearly Iran, they cut oil exports and increased the price per barrel.  But did you know the state of CA makes 40 cents per gallon in taxes?   |   Speaking of vehicles, did you see this cool Mercedes-Benz F-Cell advertisement?   Mystery Lyric:  If I had a million dollars, We wouldn’t have to walk to the store — If I had a million dollars, We’d take a limousine cause it costs more — If I had a million dollars, We wouldn’t have to eat Kraft dinner.  — AnswerIn Economic News:  Bonds are taking a beating despite InterBank’s reprice for the better this morning.  In Greece private creditors agreed to a bond-swap which is good news for their economy…this in turn positively impacts our economy.  Additionally, the payroll reports came in strong with the Jobs number better than expected.  All this news bodes well for the stock markets because traders buy stocks when they feel the economy is stronger.  Subsequently they will usually sell of bonds which worsens rates.   My Schedule:  I am available all day until happy hour (I wonder when that starts?)

Updated Procedures:

I have updated my procedures almost every single day since I started.  If you want the most current procedure, please click the link below and shoot me an email:



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