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Updated Procedures, HBD Girl, London Stocks, That’s My Home

My Schedule…and a little extra:  Today is my daughter’s 7th birthday. SEVEN! Are you kidding me?  And she’s so grown up (which is a little scary).  This may be a bit sappy but I don’t care…this morning on her way out the door I told her I loved her and to have the best day ever and she replied, “Daddy, you’re my best present.”  My heart melted.  Of course, she knows presents and cake are coming but I’m gonna take that one and put it in the vault.   Mystery Lyric:  Well I’ll never be a stranger and I’ll never be alone — wherever we’re together that’s my home — AnswerIn Economic News:  The news is focused on Europe, specifically in London where the stock market is improving because of optimism over a Greek debt swap. Typically improved markets overseas improves our markets too.  If our market improves, investors typically will sell off bonds and buy stocks.  When that happens our rate generally get worse.  By how much is uncertain but rate appear to be off by 0.250 from yesterday.     My Schedule:  I am available all day but with a birthday girl to attend to the day will be cut short slightly…might be hard to reach after 4:30p.

Updated Procedures:

I have updated my procedures almost every single day since I started.  If you want the most current procedure, please click the link below and shoot me an email:

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