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Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates, Retail Sales, 3-Day Purchases

My Schedule…and a little extra:   Last night I sprang a heart-shaped box of chocolates on my wife…she loves herself a heart-shaped box of chocolates!  Once handed over I was smart and remembered to keep my fingers far away as to avoid any injuries.  As she’s eating a chocolate, a commercial comes on the TV about some bikini diet thing at which time my wife yells at the TV, “shut up!…can’t you see I’m eating a box of chocolates here!”  I laughed for 5 minutes straight.   In economic news:  Yesterday rates improved because of the Retail Sales report which was weak. Whenever an economic report is interpreted by traders that the economy is weak, or weaker than expected, they typically sell off stocks and buy bonds instead.  When traders buy bonds, our rates improve…that’s what happened yesterday.   My Schedule:  I have a full day today…several scheduled calls this morning, an appointment at 10:30 and another at 3:00p.  I will respond to emails and calls as time permits….

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