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Whitney Houston, Jobless Claims, 3-Day Purchases

My Schedule…and a little extra:   Her voice was pure…I’ve never been a huge fan of Whitney Houston but you can’t deny her talent.  My best friend from high school in MN sent me a text that simply said, “the Voice is gone”.  I recorded the Grammys and watched Jennifer Hudson sing I will Always Love You and man she did a tremendous job…I mean, what a performance under that pressure no less.  Then I pulled up the song on my iPod and listened to Whitney do it…the difference was colossal.  There are a lot of incredibly talented singers with great voices in our world, however, regardless of your personal views about her music, you simply cannot challenge the fact her voice was one of the most beautiful ever.  I want to hate Bobby Brown, but we choose the people we let into our lives…if not him, then someone else.  Too bad…so sad….   In economic news:  Initial Jobless Claims came in lower and is the lowest in almost 3 years.  Save any other data, rates are worsening as traders feel more confident with investing in stocks rather than bonds.   My Schedule:  I’m behind the computer all day.

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