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3D Printed Houses! Bonds Down

3dprinter13D Printing…On Earth & In Space.  Imagine you’re in space and something goes wrong.  The tool or part you need to fix the problem isn’t aboard.  The only way to fix it is to have as shuttle bring it from earth which would take about the time it takes to close a mortgage.  As we know, we usually want/need it faster than that!  Enter the 3D Printer. 3dprinter2A 3D printer can literally create an object from an electronic model.  If you can make it on a computer, a 3D printer can “print” it.  These machines are so advanced they can even create an object with moving parts.  And, using special bio-materials using human cells, they can make body parts and organs in perfect detail.  Below is a short but well done video on how it all works. BUT THERE’S MORE!  A 3D printer can even make food.  Oh yeah, you heard me!  If you watched Star Trek then you’d know that deep space missions are dependent on “replicators” that create food out of thin air.  That is now a reality.  The only problem with the technology at this point is that most of the food they can make will smell and taste awful…but give them 5-10 years and they’ll solve that too.  But just imagine how this technology could solve hunger issues some day…and some day is coming very soon!  Incredible. BUT THERE’S MORE!  A 3D printer can make houses.  Oh yeah, you heard me right!  Houses!  Watch the video below… 3dprinter3 My Market Update – April 9, 2015 auctionThe Fannie Mae 30-year bond was down -30bps since yesterday’s close but has recovered slightly and is down -15bps now.  Generally a lender’s pricing worsens when the bond is being sold off. I sent out an alert this morning that if you were intending to lock today then I advised you do it before a reprice for the worse.  I stand by that counsel even though the likelihood of a reprice worsening has diminished somewhat. My Disclaimer

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