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chargersChargersvikingsAdmittedly I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan but I’m also a San Diego Chargers fan, unless of course they’re playing the Vikings.  I’ve lived in San Diego since 2000 so I’ve paid my dues, and yesterday was a heartfelt loss, even if it wasn’t a surprise. To beat Denver in Denver would’ve been nothing short of a miracle, and by golly I thought the miracle was comin!  But at least they ended strong. If they couldv’e gotten things going just a little earlier we might have had a chance. But too many dropped balls and missed plays. You just can’t do that and expect to beat the best quarterback in the NFL. With a healthy Matthews next year and a couple of adjustments, we might have a team, unless of course we lose all our coordinators in the off-season.                                                           

I ADVISE 45-DAY LOCKS ON EVERYTHING. Turn-times are fast…like lightening fast. But free lock extensions are going away or will be extremely difficult to obtain in the future. I’ve been working diligently on getting relief to this rule, and I’m close. But for now, I strongly advise you lock 45 days or take enough rebate to cover extension costs.  Let me know if you want specifics


My Market Watch:  Bonds Up and Rising!  Pricing Improved.  This morning the 30-year Fannie Mae bond is up +28bps and rising. We could see a mid-day reprice improvement.

The bond is currently trading above 2 ceilings of resistance which is fantastic. If it holds then these ceilings convert into floors and become a foundation for the rest of the week. Let me know if you’d like a more thorough explanation….  Assuming we do not get any geopolitical news or negative economic reports, we would be is the midst of a nice pricing rally.

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