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I HIGHLY ADVISE you take advantage of this CRITICAL WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY.  Rates are lower and are expected to stay low for a few months. Why?  Because we got a reprieve with a series of events leading up to Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s reaffirmation of QE. My point is that this is a stay of execution on low rates…it’s temporary to be sure. So, you must get more referral sources NOW. Even if rates stay low this is solid strategy. But the way I see it, if you fail to take this opportunity to increase your referral sources, you will be SOL when QE finally tapers…and in my opinion it’s a long train a comin’.

monotonyI am astonished to see so many LOs ignoring these signs. They do not take steps to even try to get more referral sources. They don’t even take steps to clearly identify the ways in which they distinguish themselves from other LOs.  It’s almost like complete denial or they’ve already given up…I guess they are preparing for an exit from our industry. If you are offended by this email…then good…you probably need a kick in the pants. WHAT I FIND EXTRAORDINARY is that my highest producers are the ones asking for advice and working diligently to increase their already strong referral networks.  They probably know more than I do about marketing and promotion, but they sought my advice nonetheless…they are doing everything they can to prepare for war. I guess they will be here to stay and the others will fall by the wayside….

I am available to meet with you individually or as a group to discuss:

  1. How to Be Successful In The Future Market,
  2. Where to Look For Additional Referral Sources, and
  3. How To Distinguish Yourself From Other LOs.

If you get one little nugget out of my 1-hour presentation, and that nugget results in one loan, then your time spent with me was a good use of your time, no?  Let me know if you’re interested in a presentation….


MOVEMBER.  Last year I grew a gnarly mustache. It was so thick you could barely see my face at all. I’m 46 and my Dad had, and beat, prostate cancer. This is why I don’t shave to support Movember…a charity for research aimed at men’s Cancer afflictions. If you’d like to join my team, click here. If you’d like to donate, even $5, click here. Thanks.  All you have to do is not shave!  


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