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seth3Face-Plant.  My brother-in-law Seth rode his bicycle to work this morning which he does almost every morning. But after a monster late-April snowstorm in Minneapolis he wiped out into a face-plant which he documented via Facebook. Now I know you’re probably thinking he’s a ding-dong for riding his bicycle after a huge snow storm, and you may be right, but he’s no dummy. In fact, he’s a an incredibly smart and talented attorney and author of Minnesota Litigator. What I like about his Facebook picture below is the beautiful trees in the background which is why I decided to post this story…click the photo for a closer look.

My Market Watch:  Pricing is the same as Friday and the same as yesterday. Pricing would be better but the stock market is also liking the report that home prices are on the rise.  This is one of those rare moments when both stocks and bonds do well on the release of an economic report.  But as expected one of the two must give way for the other…in this case bonds are yielding to stocks which continue to perform well.

My Schedule:  I have an appointment this afternoon at 3:00p.  Please note, I rarely answer my phone before 10:30a as I use this time to catch up on the previous day’s business and prepare the remainder of the day….

fergusonsWalk With Me For A Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Our family is walking again this year to find a cure for CF, a life-limiting illness. We walk for our friends pictured, Ashton (age 11) and Lola (age 7). The average life expectancy of someone with CF is 37…let’s change that! Click here to donate or join me and walk with my family on May 19th…email me for details. Every penny helps find a cure. THANKS! 

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