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What can I say Boston?

What can I say Boston? What can I say other than my heart goes out to the three families of murdered citizens. What can I say other than my prayers for the loss of an 8-year old boy. What can I say other than my wishes for a speedy recovery to the other injured 154 citizens. What can I say other than I pray for the souls of the guilty. What can I say in the face of baseless hatred. What can anyone say?

My Market Watch:  Pricing should be slightly worse this morning…will probably come out -0.125 worse as stocks rebound from yesterday. Short-term locking may be prudent…longer term floating seems practical. The bombings in Boston could negatively affect the stock market…particularly if it is determined to be a terrorist attack which has not been ruled out.

My Schedule:  I have a meeting at 10:30a and will be difficult to reach before 1p, then available the rest of the day. If you recall, I rarely answer my phone before 10:30a as I use this time to catch up on the previous day’s business and prepare the remainder of the day….

fergusonsCure for Cystic Fibrosis.  Our family is walking again this year to find a cure for CF, a life-limiting illness. We walk for our friends pictured, Ashton (age 11) and Lola (age 7). The average life expectancy of someone with CF is 37. Let’s change that!  JOIN ME – WALK WITH ME ON MAY 19 – help us to raise money for a cure.  JOIN ME – WALK WITH MY FAMILY ON MAY 19, or, to donate:donate here.  THANKS!

2 responses to “What can I say Boston?

  1. Rich Bonora April 16, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Well said Phil. What a tragedy. I hope they find the people involved and bring them to justice swiftly. Hope all is well with you.

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