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Actual Versus Reality

The top 1% of wealthy Americans have a disproportionate amount of money.  Does that surprise you?  No, I didn’t think so.  But what you might find interesting is the disparity of what many believe is the gap between the average and rich compared to the reality of that gap.  Watch this short video…it’s interesting:  Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality (please note, I did not check the source of this video).  To see a bigger picture of the graphic below, click it.



My Market Watch:

The market is flat this morning but rates and pricing are better than Friday by about 0.125-0.250.  This week there is a bond auction on Wednesday and the Fed releases the minutes from its latest meeting.  Traders read the minutes looking for tidbits of information that wasn’t already disclosed that might give them some insight on whether to invest in stocks or bonds.   My Disclaimer


My Schedule:

Available periodically today…I have a meeting at 10a and another at 3:30p.  In between I have scheduled calls and will do my best to return emails and incoming calls in-between….  Please note, I rarely answer my phone before 10:30a as I use this time to catch up on yesterday’s business and prepare for the day.


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