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Whitney Revived?

Whitney was on American Idol last night, what?  It’s that time of the week…American Idol recap baby!  If you don’t like American Idol, but you can appreciate talent, then read this and watch the videos, trust me.  Last night there were three performances that stand out, and each was pretty good.  Candace was fantastic and the country girl Janelle was better than expected.  But Amber Holcomb is amazing…it’s like the universe knew that Whitney was leaving us so Amber was brought in to replace the void…she’s that blanking good.  Watch this:  Amber sings “I Believe In You and Me”; and this from last night Amber sings “Lately” (warning! Mariah Carey is as annoying as could be at the end of this performance).  |||  Turn-Times at Interbank are a bit off lately…half the staff is out because of Passover and it’s month-end but we’re working through it….


My Market Watch:  Pricing is exactly the same as yesterday.  Cypress reopened it’s banks but no more than 300 Euros ($400) is permitted to be withdrawn by an account holder…can you imagine?  What’s interesting is the U.S. markets didn’t really react to this, nor did they react to the announcements about the bailout.  It’s so unlike U.S. traders to ignore serious financial international news.  But that’s why predicting market trends is a tough business.  As of now, the market is flat.  My Disclaimer.

My Schedule:  Today I am working from home and available all day.  Please keep in mind I rarely answer my phone before 10:30a as I use this time to catch up on emails from last night and prepare the remainder of my day….

My Fun Stuff:  Amber sings “I Believe In You and Me”  —  Amber sings “Lately”  —  You gotta laugh!  I watch this almost every day — All My Fun Stuff

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