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The Sirens Roared

RIPMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   The sirens roared as she saw fire-trucks and police cars whiz by…a panic overcame my wife…she was on her way to pick up my daughter from school…WHAT HAPPENNED?…was there a shooting, was she safe?!  Then she saw the scene of the accident just a few blocks from the school.  Immediate relief…our daughter was safe.  But the relief turned to sadness when we heard what happened…an SUV struck a nanny dead-center in the middle of the crosswalk as she pushed a stroller across the busy street.  The nanny soared 30 some feet into the air.  The baby who was strapped into the stroller was dragged under the car.  The first person to respond at the scene was my good friend and neighbor Jen…from her racing bike she saw the whole thing unfold before her eyes.  She went to the baby first and rescued it from underneath the truck…remarkably it was still alive…she ended up in critical condition with a skull fracture.  The 40-year old Nanny with two teenage children didn’t make it. Turns out the driver, who blew a red light at full speed, had given birth the day before…she never even slowed down, no doubt distracted by her cell phone.  Why she was driving a car the day after giving birth is a mystery.  I realize these horrible incidents happen all the time, but this was close to home.  My wife was really shook up.  I feel bad for the Nanny, her two young kids, and her family.  I feel bad for the driver, who will no doubt face manslaughter charges amongst other life-altering consequences.  I feel bad for the driver’s family and newborn baby, whose birth is scarred by the incident.  I feel bad for the baby and pray she will be alright.  The only joy I can grasp onto is that the baby is alive, and I am sending good thoughts into the universe as I visualize her recovery…please join me in this vision…take 15 seconds to close your eyes and visualize the baby smiling and laughing, and send well wishes her way….

My Schedule:  My daughter is home sick and my wife is having dental work this morning…that means I’m stuck at home, working in the kitchen.

My Fun Stuff:  Best Worst Learning Techniques  |||  All My Fun Stuff

My Market Watch:  Bonds were trading stronger out of the gates this morning as stocks tumbled a little.  No doubt investors were taking some gains from last week and with some negative economic news from across seas it was good excuse to sell stocks and buy bonds.  Pricing looks about 0.250 better than when things ended up on Friday.  This is a light week for economic reports so traders look to other sources for guidance, such as economic news from across seas or other geopolitical insight.  My Disclaimer

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