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You Have No Plan?!

strategyMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   What do you mean you have no plan?!  It always amazes me when I ask Brokers and Loan Officers what their plan is…most of time they have no plan. Can you believe that? How can you have no plan?  Of course, the best LOs and Brokers not only have a plan, but they are executing that plan as I type.  I’ve spoken to a few brokers who use the excuse they’ve been too busy to put any attention to the future. So, we discussed ways to delegate to free up time.  After all, without some idea of what you are going to do over the next 10½ months, you’re really putting your business, yourself, and maybe your family at a huge disadvantage.  Everyone in business needs a plan, otherwise you’re just flailing about. When the market changes and rates continue to go up…where will you be…where will you be going? What have you been doing to capture purchase loans? What have you been doing to increase your referral sources? What have you been doing to stay in touch with your existing client base?  I am available to discuss these issues, either individually or in a group.  By the way, part of my plan is to make myself available to my clientele to consult on future business.  Let me know…I am accepting appointments….

My Schedule:  I had a conference call this morning from 9-10a and have back-to-back meetings in San Diego at 1:30p and 2:30p.  I will be available in-between and after, etc.  as this is a busy day, please be patient with replies….

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My Market Watch:  Yikes!  Bonds are down about -40bps this morning.  Wow.  Pricing dropped 0.500 in some spots.  And this after a price improvement yesterday.  Holy volatility Batman!  Its ugly right now, seems to me that traders are taking any reason they can to dump money into stocks and avoid the bond market.  Not sure if you know this but I’ve been accused of stating the obvious from time to time….  My Disclaimer

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