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Goals; Dream! American Idol

goalssMy Schedule…and A Little Extra:   I hope your January went well.  I funded 144 loans for near $50m tying me for 5th place and I’m happy with that.  My short-term goal is to break $55m in March and $60m by June.  I hope you have goals set…if you don’t, then do it.  Goal setting is a must…even if you keep them to yourself.  I’d lecture as to why it’s important but you should already know that.  February is a short month so we need to jump on it.  |||  So here we go…you may or may not know this but I’m a fairly big American Idol fan.  Maybe it’s because I love to sing and envision myself, while I’m taking a shower, that I’m on stage singing to thousands of people.  That’s a fantastic image of me don’t you think? I mean the image of me singing to thousands of people on stage, not the image of me in the shower pretending to sing to thousands of people on stage.  The real reason I love American Idol is because it’s fun for me to see people’s dreams come true.  I love to see a construction worker audition and find himself living a dream.  And, it’s fun for me to see an unknown with incredible talent discovered.  You gotta dream people!

My Schedule:  My daughter is in some running event at school from 10-10:45a and I will there…other than that I’m available until Happy Hour….

My Fun Stuff:  Best Worst Learning Techniques  |||  All My Fun Stuff

My Market Watch:  The Jobs Report indicated a weaker than expected economy and traders bought bonds on the news.  There were other reports as well affecting spending but you can read about it on Bloomberg.  Suffice it to say our pricing this morning is better by about 0.250.  My Disclaimer

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