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Contest at TravelMamas; BOA Sued by U.S.

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  My wife the Travel Mama is running a contest for a free hotel.  Radisson is giving away a free night stay to one to celebrate its 50th anniversary.  So far not that many people have entered so the chances of winning are pretty good!  If you want to win, click here:  Free Hotel Stay – Radisson.

My Fun Stuff:  If you want to laugh, watch this:  Child Dance Prodigy?

My Market Watch:  Bonds opened a little worse than yesterday and are trading in negative territory so far.  However, the market is relatively flat since opening despite a C-rated 5-year note auction and a U.S. mortgage fraud lawsuit filed against Bank of America today…they are accusing BOA of intentionally originating and selling thousands home loans that later defaulted to Fannie and Freddie.   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: I am available most of the day today….

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