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My Mom Chimes In; Bonds Improved

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  My Mom wrote this in response to my post that I Can Fix America“You may think this funny, but it is true (some of it ) and it make sense. Just don’t get any ideas to run for president. They will dig up all kinds of things about your Mother that you don’t want to know. Love Mom”  Mom, I am more concerned about the photographs they’d find of me….

My Fun Stuff:  If you want to laugh, watch this:  Child Dance Prodigy?  If you want to win, click here:  Free Hotel Stay – Radisson.

My Market Watch:  Bonds are trading higher this morning arguably because of weak economic news out of Europe news, Spain in particular.  As a result, rates/pricing are better this morning.  To explain, economic news that is reported as poor in Europe translates to a world economy that is not expected to perform well.  In other words, traders interpret this news as bad for stocks.  As a general rule, when traders feel stocks are a bad bet, then they pull their money out of stocks and invest in bonds instead.  Put another way, when stocks are sold off (go down) then bonds generally sell (go up).  When this happens, rates/prices get better.  Keep I mind that these days traders are looking for quick profits…that is, if they can buy bonds cheap this morning, they might try to sell them off at a higher price later in the day or tomorrow to pocket the profits…can you dig it?  Let me know if you have any questions, okay?   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: I am available most of the day today….

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