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Presidential Debate; Appraisers; New Comp In Effect

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   |1| Presidential Debate.  I’m excited to hear the first Presidential Debate this Wednesday night…I already have my DVR set to record since the kids aren’t exactly thrilled to watch anything remotely about politics, imagine that.  I wonder if Romney will be able to gain some ground after Clinton destroyed him with his speech at the Democratic convention.  Romney is a skilled speaker and has had a lot more practice than Obama since he had to debate during the Republican nomination process.  Being a good-looking guy doesn’t hurt and his strategy of using his business experience to fix America is extremely compelling to many struggling Americans.  I think he might be able to close the gap.  That said, Obama is comfortable on the big stage and he’s smart…very smart.  Obama has a solid understanding of the issues and is well-versed in how to explain his position.  It’s gonna be fun to watch!  |2| Appraisers.  If you know any appraisers looking to get signed up, Direct Valuation Services is growing its platform.  Appraisers can sign up easily at DVS is a solution for lenders and appraisers to compliantly work together again.  It is not an AMC…the appraiser works for the lender and therefore can name their price.  A good friend, mentor and colleague started this business and I’m confident it will grow fast…. |3| Comp Changes In Effect.   The window to change 4th quarter comp is now closed.  If you changed your plan, be sure to upload a GFE that accurately reflects your new plan.  All submission uploads from this point on must contain a GFE that uses your new plan, even if previously locked, can you dig it?  Email me for more information.

My Market Watch:  Rates/Prices should be the same this morning although rates haven’t been published as I write this update.  This week is relatively light in economic data until Friday when the Jobs Report comes out.  The Jobs Report has a way of influencing traders to make big moves and thus traditionally affects the markets.  I’ll let you know if I catch any revealing news this week.  I think the pending election might have an impact on the numbers, but certainly vice-versa.  My Disclaimer

My Schedule: I have a busy day today…I’m on kid-duty this morning until 9:00am and then I have a 10:00am conference call and a noon luncheon appointment.  After that I’m open until 4:00pm and then I’m meeting a close friend for Happy Hour.

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