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Wheels Up

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  |1| They were exhausted…reading them a short story did the trick…they were out.  My wife and I kicked up our heals and watched the waves after a long day of swimming in the pool, swimming in the ocean, getting buried in sand, eating and yes, drinking, and then swimming some more.  The best part is the evening…as the sun begins its descent, everyone gathers on the beach and fires up their grills.  Some of the club members come here just to eat and relax with friends and family in front of the approaching crashing waves.  Hotel guests learn how special this is.  Like a concert the sun goes down…everyone turns their attention…there is cheering and clapping as the sun finally disappears…the kids all jump up and down excitedly claiming they heard the sizzle.  Then everyone returns to their cocktails, BBQ, and eventually their fire pits and smores.  It’s hard to describe how peaceful and satisfying it is…so I included a picture for you (yes, those are my wheels).  Our La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club experience was awesome…it pays to be married to the Travelmama.  |2| Fantasy Update – I’m 1-1…I got lucky with winning this week despite scoring below average.  The big decision is what to do with injured players.  My trade/add/drop deadline is tomorrow night…I might need to make some moves.  Pierre Garcon – drop?  Matt Forte – drop?  DeSean Jackson – drop?  Who would I replace them with?  |3|  L’Shana Tova!  Happy New Year!

My Market Watch:  Rates/Prices got crazy better last week and I never got a chance to write about it so here goes. The Fed announced that it was going to start buying more bonds, $40b every month!  That’s a huge commitment and was enough to get bonds flying.  The stock market liked it too…seems traders were buying everything.  They also said they were committed to keeping rates low…wonderful news for you and me, at least in the shorter terms.  I wonder how much of these aggressive policy announcements are politically driven…hmmm….   My Disclaimer

My Fun Stuff:  If you would like to laugh, watch thisIf you would like to get choked-up, watch this.

My Schedule: Working from home this morning and out this afternoon.  Phone calls this morning will be returned after 10a…if it’s urgent, text me at (619) 549-9797.  |  I am making appointments to visit brokers/bankers for October…if you would like me to visit you, please email me the days and times you prefer.

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