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Football! Bed Woes

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:   It’s About time…football season is upon us!  I like baseball and even went to a couple games.  But it’s not my first choice, or second choice.  Football, basketball and golf are the sports of choice for me.  And the Padres haven’t made an argument for me to change that position…at least not this year.  There are so many exciting things to watch in the NFL this year.  Like Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, the New Orleans Saints and the list goes on.  Oh boy!  Oh boy!   ||  My son does not want to sleep in his own bed.  He’s not scared…he just doesn’t want to sleep in it because his bed sits on the floor.  Yes, I’m a cheap bastard and put the trundle from under my daughter’s bed in his room so I wouldn’t have to go and buy a new bed.  He claims it hurts his neck but I don’t buy it…he’s four-years old for the love of all things holy in this land…how could it hurt his neck?  I wouldn’t mind so much but I can’t sleep when he’s in my bed…he sleeps like he’s possessed by the Tasmanian Devil…I slept on the couch last night.  I guess I have to buy him a new bed, eh?

My Market Watch:  Yesterday there were two mid-day price improvements.  Bonds continue to perform well this morning.  Today should prove interesting because the bond is trading right on moving averages which I explained in My Glass Elevator Analogy post from Friday.   My Disclaimer

My Schedule: Behind the computer most of the day with only one short appointment this morning….

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