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I missed you! Now put ‘em up! The Rich Get Richer

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  I missed you!  Now put ‘em up!  My daughter and 4-year old son hadn’t seen each other for 4 days…they missed each other.  My son said often during the last 4 days that he missed his best friend…his 7-year old sister.  She’s the one that gets down on the floor and plays with him all day.  Sure, me and the wife get down on the floor and play with him occasionally but we’re not as dedicated as his 7-year old sister is.  So then, why do they fight 2-minutes after being reunited?  I’m not exaggerating…TWO-MINUTES!   ||   This is cool…flipping cats has absolutely nothing to do with the mortgage business but it’s still interesting…ever wonder why a cat always lands on his feet?   |||   You guys see this?  Millionaire Snatches Up 650 Foreclosed Homes For $4.8 Million.

My Market Watch:  Rates are unchanged from Friday and with little going on today, there is no reason to expect volatility.  And stocks seem to be struggling in the early going which bodes well for sustained low rates.  Of course, any political or geopolitical news could always change things.  Weather is also something that can affect the markets.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you why.  Because if there is a big weather surge that causes damage in a certain part of the globe, then trading can be affected by everything the part of the world contributes to the global economy.  How do you like me now?  Not exactly sure why I’m so spicy this morning, but I am!   Disclaimer

My Schedule: I have to pick up my car from being fixed but otherwise available all day….


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