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It Wouldn’t Start; Bonds

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  It wouldn’t start.  This week I’ve been a single Dad for the most part.  Well, today’s schedule included getting my son to school and then getting my car to the dealership.  Unfortunately, when I tried to fire it up this morning the battery was dead.  Lovely.  Well, stuff happens, eh?  Looking on the bright side (1) I have my wife’s car since she is out of town so I could still get my son to school on time, (2) I called Geico and they sent over a truck to jump it for free – part of my policy, (3) I already had an appointment to get my car serviced so I guess if the battery is going to die on you it might as well be today, right? and (4) I have a service membership with my dealership so my loaner car is free.  🙂

My Market Watch:  Bonds are performing better and rates have improved.  I implore you DON’T LET YOUR LOCKS EXPIRE WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST.  We need to analyze your lock against the current market and develop a strategy to either extend the lock or discuss the option of letting the lock expire and relocking with our Relock Policy in mind.  However, it is your responsibility to extend your lock…if you let your lock expire, your options become very limited…don’t let that happen.  Call me or email me so we can look at it, got it?  Good.  Let me know if you have any questions, okay?   Disclaimer

My Schedule: Just getting to my emails now and have one noon appointment…then available the remainder of the day….


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