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Stocks Down Bonds Up

My Schedule…and A Little Extra:  In the wake of the shootings last week at the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises, the Batman movies have been on all weekend.  Last night I watched Batman Begins.  It was the first of the Dark Knight trilogy and it reminded me why I loved it.  It was mysterious and cool to see the creation of the Batman and his accessories.  The second movie was more disturbing but is was intense and featured the late Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing performance of the wicked Joker.  The last movie as I said was good…it wrapped up the trilogy nicely…but man, it was wicked violent…I just don’t see why they had to take it so far.  |||  Tonight I’m getting a massage…this will be my second massage in 2 weeks.  I’m living the life, baby!  Actually, this is my Father’s Day present from my wife and today was the first available appointment.  Anyway, I’m thinking maybe I should make this a regular thing, you know, like every month or something.  Eh, maybe not.

My Market Watch:  Let’s keep it simple…trouble in Europe coupled with economic data in American is driving investors to bonds rather than stocks.  When traders sell stocks and put their money into bonds instead, rates get better and we’re seeing that this morning with great pricing.  Disclaimer

My Schedule: Available all day until 4:30p and then out….

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